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Maintenance & Repair

We use concept of new technology for giving a better shape of structure. We have skilled team who can perform any kind complex renovation and restoration work We are expertise in counseling our clients the best feasibility of renovation. Our proficient team is very agile in catching out the faults and inaccuracy in defective areas and resolves this with appropriate efficiently

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Our expertise focuses on highlighting areas of failure or concern and then documenting the present condition of building constructed. Our experts pay attention to finding out any damage if available and then prevent them. Vijayinfra architect and engineers have different types of equipment and machines according to the suitability of the area of which the survey has to be done.

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Vijayinfra architect and engineers team would remold the structure such that your old home will appear new and will gives magnificent look. Our teams do efficient work in improving broken damaged structures. We keep in mind the stability of structure while renovating. We have experts engineer who are skilled in structural work, including weight calculation. Our team is expert in developing the plan implement it and then supervises it. We have team of electricians who can do complex work and manage electrical system easily.

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construction welding


Vijayinfra architect and engineers have a team of skilled employees who use new technology and trends. Our workers are properly trained and educated before any work is assigned to them. Our team is skilled in Risk Awareness, Management. We have team members with different skills, they produce unique and best designs, and they are experts in measurement. Our attractive construction of building makes our clients happy, we create such a healthy and pleasant environment of infrastructure.

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Structure Design

Our main aim is to make structure capable of carrying loads by not failing until its intended life. We know Technique for investigation of the stability, strength and rigidity of structures. We determine safe and economical specifications for a structured work for giving assurance that the planned construction will be sufficiently reliable. We use all kind of standard codes according to the requirement of clients. We use Specific software according to the nature of the task.

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Architecture Degain


Vijayinfra architect and engineers use advanced construction technology, latest designs. we are one who creates beautiful spaces from which the people cannot get eyes off it. We make sure the building is easy to move around in and ensure that the building's flow makes sense. We know Architecture and Design play an essential role in everyone's life, the shape, size, color of a building influences the people thus we make sure you are comfortable with the environment so that you can be at your ease.

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home decor

Interior Design

Our Interior designers are experts in generating more spaces by Decluttering. Vijayinfra architect and engineers team enhances the space efficiency, thus improving the functional usage of space, Surpass the lighting effect, adjusting the color effects, exceed the textures, patterns, scale, size such that people love the look. We are specialized in selecting fittings & equipment as we know that perfection is a series of small things done really well. 3D models are prepared so that the client can understand our concept easily.

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