Architecture Technology

Vijayinfra architect and engineers use the latest technologies to make sure that we deliver the best to our clients. Disruption in technology enhances the quality of architectural work and leverages the best possible resources.Our teams of experts do practice creative and innovative techniques in architecture designing to ensure all go well. We use 3D designs in our project as it gives better visibility to the output and to help the clients to decide the plan in advance; thus, we make further changes based on inputs from clients before we implement the project.

Under architecture, we focus on key-deliverables

  • Residential Plan
  • Commercial Plan
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Plan
  • Urban Designs
  • Industrial Design

Modern Concept Design

Vijayinfra architect and engineers build your choice designs and use advance technology. Our fascinate structures are eco-friendly for a better life.

Economical ideas

Come let us bring economic ideas for you that are pocket friendly. Our admirable budget friendly concept with quality of work consignment will win your faith on us.


We are always available there for you to guide you with innovative ideas and concept making you happy by solving your problem to give a magical foundation to your home and projects with us.

Our responsibility

our architect and engineers meet the needs of our clientele by delivering the project on time. We can do so as we are properly organized

We plan, forgather the project details, design the reports of cost and budget , work together and make our project completion  successful.

How our architectural service stands out in the crowd:

  • We make sure that we follow a higher standard of quality
  • We keep our work utmost the latest in the ear of fashion.
  • We adopt the sustainable and best practices of architecture
  • Higher-ranking of to and fro communication
  • Clean sketches and CAD designs
  • Creative eye and attention to each detail

Project Management

We immensely assign a dedicated Project Manager, a team of skilled and experienced engineers, and other staff members who closely work in a team to make the project successful. The project manager will not only supervise the project progress but also takes the lead on guiding the project in the right direction to achieve the proper standard of construction work, and he makes sure that all team members adhere to the safe construction policies.

Service Brochure


An overview of our construction services from Construction Management, Design-build, General Contracting to Small Jobs and Service Work