Construction Management

Vijayinfra construction managers are skilled and expert in performing their job. Their responsibility is to supervise from the beginning of the project and manage it until the end. They will take care of delivering quality of output, keeping safety in mind, and eliminating all the possible hazards.

Reporting and Cost Control

Vijayinfra architect and engineers bring cost-effective building solutions where every client participates in making a successful deal.

Some of the techniques that we use are:

Use of construction management software, regularly update cost plan, consistently submit cost reports, prepare and review contingency plans.

Constructing Your Dreams

We believe working together brings success faster. We have brought our smart engineers to work together and combine their innovative ideas to convert your dreams in reality.

Advance Machines

We use highly advance and new technology machines that make our work more efficient and fast such as batching machine, concrete mixer, Belt Conveyors, compactors.

Key principles we follow

Vijayinfra architect and engineers follow a healthy working environment and work on our sites ensures the safety of our labor and worker making sure without risking anyone’s life and surroundings. We measure performance of projects in terms of cost and time.

Technical Aspect

our architect and engineers develop the team for architect designing, preventing technological risk regarding installation, providing skilled technological expert. We take care of installation of security systems, fireplaces.

Construction Technology

We use innovative tools, machinery, and software during the construction to deliver high quality of work. Our engineers are technically skilled and proficient so that they can handle the most complex projects. With the help of advanced technology; we had made our construction sites safer.

Reliable Team

At each stage of engineering design, our team takes the initiative to confirm every detail to meet your satisfaction. Vijayinfra architect and engineers work culture made us a team that our clients have relied on for years. In essence, we realize and build the dream of our clients into reality.

Service Brochure


An overview of our construction services from Construction Management, Design-build, General Contracting to Small Jobs and Service Work