Build Energy Efficiency

The interior of your house or office influences the mood of the people. Thus our designers will make your office and home look beautiful. A beautiful interior can increase the work efficiency of employees working in an office, also increasing their enthusiasm. Our interior designers are experts in selecting the right combination of color and designs, providing a comfortable area for people living in that home

Our Services

Living room design, Customizing the furniture, Hall ceiling designs, Office design, Modular kitchen design, Banquet hall designs, Bar design, Office conference room design, Ceiling design, Washroom design, Staircase designs

Modern style interior design & Attractive look

Vijayinfra architect and engineers bring the latest concept for walls and floors. Modern furniture concepts that provide good looks and ethnic textures and shades for walls and furniture that gives eye catching appearance to your home.

Vastu friendly

We design such vastu friendly environment for your offices and homes that bring positive waves for your space also featuring comfort level unto a best benchmark.

Bringing  prosperity and good luck for you!

Beautiful Spaces

Utilizing each and every small corners in such a way that it looks like more specious making your interiors beautiful


We have an outstanding portfolio that shows our designs and projects 

We do interior designing for every area such as: Buildings which includes, Theaters Rooms, Halls, Kitchens, and Bedrooms etc. Meeting your expectations with efficiency is our style of work.

What we do

We use a 3D modeling structure. To make our client’s interiors more appealing, our designers had combined their expertise with 3D modeling. vijayinfra Interior designers will create your spaces functional and interior look elegant by selecting the right decorative items.

Renovation of building

It is a pleasure to assist you in improving or modernizing your damage or defective old building. We will transform your old damaged building and return you to a new pleasant state.
Interior designing works are categories into two type’s cosmetic renovations and structural renovations.
The cosmetic renovation includes Flooring, light land escaping, updating fixtures and fishers, wall painting.

Structural interior renovation includes construction plumbing, rewiring, extension, loft conversion.

Service Brochure


An overview of our construction services from Construction Management, Design-build, General Contracting to Small Jobs and Service Work