Designing and planning

The most crucial part of achieving renovation is designing and planning. Our qualified engineers will ensure that your home is functional and innovative as well. Vijayinfra architect and engineers care for your home, that’s why we pay attention to every little single thing while working. Our creative designer ensures that the house which we are renovating provides you with the quality of living in it.


Vijayinfra architect and engineers have a team of skilled and experienced engineers who will ensure your building is safe and healthy. Identifying the next step of the renovation is also an important safety measure; thus, our engineers are experts in deciding the best possibility for renovating a structure according to the structural soundness. Our engineers are highly qualified who adhere to building codes.

Why should we prefer renovation?

Basic idea behind the renovation concept is getting a new thing.  Now instead of purchasing a new home, renovated and convert your old space into new one creating pleasant and happy environment.

Our commitments

Vijayinfra architect and engineers opt for sustainable practices without compromising quality, keeping safety measures in mind, and deliver projects on time.


Our mission is to always be the customer’s first choice. Our goal is to satisfy our customers constantly creating our values in their minds.

Building safety

We have the experience to handle the most complex task of construction with ease. Our experienced players consider all the safety points while constructing.

Renovation design services we provide are:

• Space planning
• Material selection
• Interior designing
• Fixture selection
• Concept development
• Furniture selection

Design Consultation and Budget Planning

It is our pleasure to provide you with the best solutions. We are always here to listen to you and understand your requirements. Our engineers do everything to meet the needs of clients. Before starting, Vijayinfra architect and engineers will design a budget so that our clients can know how much this renovation will cost.

Service Brochure


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