Our main objective for the structural design is to provide strength, serviceability, and stability. We maintain all aspects of quality and deliver projects with perfection. Vijayinfra architect and engineers design structure with such proficiency that it can carry the load without breaking or collapsing under the service load conditions.

Load calculations

For structural design, the load calculations are necessary to undertake the renovations. Walls, partitions, and roof carry the heavy load, and for safer construction load calculations are essential in advance with detailed analysis.

Durable Structures

With respect to ISO we make sure that structures are safe and able to carry loads. It totally depends on quantity of enforcement and grade of concrete.

Design steps of structure

Mostly structure design is related to multistory building, industrial plants, bridges and trusts. First step is planning of a building then mark the columns, calculating and analyzing all the upcoming loads, modeling a frame structure, modeling according to standard codes, getting results of reinforcement and grade of concrete for beams and columns

Structure design engineering

Structure design includes following aspects fire engineering, seismic engineering , façade engineering, roof engineering tower engineering, wind engineering, foundation engineer.

Structural Elements

Some different types of elements we use in structural engineering are –Columns Beams, plates, Arches, Shells, Catenaries.


Vijayinfra architect and engineers provide all kind of professional consulting services, and you are free to contact us if you want to remove or relocate a load-bearing wall. We assign a qualified and skilled engineer who guides you throughout the complete process and what prerequisites we need to help you with our consulting services. An engineer will help you to choose the assistance and advice you suggestions. It’s essential for the stability of your home or building, to seek the advice of an expert before you start work

Our Structural engineers are specializing in several different areas:

  • Structure modeling
  • Strengthening of structure
  • Structural inspection/proof checking
  • Structural detailing
  • Analysis and design
  • Pre-engineered building structure

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