Project Planning

Vijayinfra architect and engineers experienced and licensed surveyor will provide you with the accuracy of results. A study done by the surveyor will give you essential information necessary for planning construction of the project. Our team consists of certified professionals who have a good experience in surveying. Survey can also for finding estimation of project.

Tools for survey

· Theodolite,
· Total station,
· Chains and Tapes.
· Compasses
· Levels
· Prisms and Reflectors
· Magnetic Locators

Stop and Analyze

Before starting any construction survey is important part to be carried out.

By surveying you can identify the possible problems coming to the way.

It is important to have a land survey before purchasing it

You may have the idea about this land that is it prone to earthquake? Or whether the property is involved in any dispute? Ownership information? Size of property and size of land you own. You may be aware of necessary information about your land.


Survey is the important step before proceeding in any task. On the basis of budget, area size, labor you can plan and determine the correct action to be taken.


With mapping you can get the idea of how your property looks like and can determine the natural and man-made features around property, getting the position of our property.

Types of analysis carried out by us:

· Photogrammetry
· Boundary Surveying
· Engineering Surveying
· Topographic Surveying
· Route Surveys
· Hydrographic Surveys

Our Surveyors also guide on many aspects of construction including

· Design
· Maintenance
· Repair
· Refurbishment
· Restoration
· Conservation

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