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Make Water System Better With Drinking Water Supply & Design

We help in making strong planning and designing to efficiently improve your Drinking Water Supply system.

Creating strong planning & designing for Drinking Water Supply is an important task to identify the most economical way to deliver safe, reliable water to all your customers. VijayInfra has the expertise to address your complete water system including wells, storage facilities, treatment systems, distribution systems, and booster stations.  

At VijayInfra, our team of water experts understands your requirements first and provides a top-notch solution after brainstorming on it. Our decades of expertise across a wide variety of services allow us to develop water planning and design solutions in an all-inclusive manner.

Drinking Water Supply & Design

Get Access to Drinking Water Supply Services With us

We ensure a comprehensive service for your water supply in your locality. This is a mandatory service that you get from us to make your water system reliable and efficient.


Comprehensive solution

From digging wells to building water towers and laying down pipes, VijayInfra knows how to take care of your whole water system.



Our engineer has decades of expertise in providing complete drinking water solutions with accuracy at a cost-effective price.


Accuracy in Everything

Because we have a strong team of engineers and expertise from previous projects, we ensure accuracy in every project we do. 

We Ensure Accuracy at a Cost-effective

Price to Our Customers

Whether you want a customized solution for a particular problem or comprehensive support we provide accurate and detailed solutions to our customers.

Make a Smart Choice,
By choosing VijayInfra

VijayInfra has decades of expertise in the construction industry and offers all types of solutions to make your construction easier. You can test our expertise by contacting us.

Decades of expertise
Deliver on Time
Expert solution

Explore Other Important Services We Do

VijayInfra is not only the best in delivering sanitation services but also offers a variety of other services. We have expertise in each design service to complete your project.

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Get Sanitation Service From Expert?
We offer a complete sanitation solution to maintain your water supply, conserve more water, and infrastructure for wastewater. Trust us to make your planning successful.