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The Power of Drone Surveys Before Construction

From site analysis to precision mapping and drone Surveying we bring clarity to your project

VijayInfra is a leading drone surveying service provider company with accuracy. Our drone survey service offers a comprehensive site analysis with complete accuracy. Our engineers are known for providing invaluable aerial insights, minimizing on-site revisions, and optimizing resource allocation. We believe in getting it right the first time.  Drone Surveying

A drone surveying can gather much better data for land in less time. Our experts are not only collect data for precise topographic maps but also provide strategic guidance to make construction planning more optimized.

Drone Survey

Step up Your Construction Game With VijayInfra

You can construct your building confidently after getting a complete survey report of your land. From topographic mapping to site assessments, our drone surveying covers it all.


Time and Cost Savings

We believe in getting it right the first time. Streamline the survey process, minimize on-site revisions, and optimize resource allocation.


Ensure Higher Safety

Our aerial mapping captures the accurate data from each corner, delivers 3D info, and analyzes large-scale terrain details flawlessly.”


Expert Guidance

Our specialists ensure a smooth data collection, providing valuable insights, and optimized construction planning for your project’s success.

We deliver projects with expertise

precision, and innovation

Get a consultation from experts and experience the difference that our Drone Survey Service can make for your construction endeavors!

Start Construction with,
Confidence With VijayInfra

Choose VijayInfra Project Pvt Ltd for clear project success. Our experts ensure accurate surveys and guides to build your construction with confidence.

Proven Track Record

Large Team of Experts

Accuracy in Result

Explore Other Survey Services We Offer

VijayInfra does not only best in delivering one survey service but also offers a variety of services. We have expertise in each drone surveying service to successfully complete your project. 

Land Survey

Get a clear survey of your land and define accurate boundaries to prevent disputes in the future. 

Land Demarcation

We analyze all the documents perfectly and mark all boundaries with accuracy for your land. 

Contour Survey

Complete your project from every angle to make it successful with the help of a contour survey map.

Estimate Work Volume

Make your construction confident and save your time with our reliable estimates of work volume. 

GPS Survey

Get a survey to identify pinpoint locations precisely to make construction planning accurate.  

Road & Bridge Survey

Get Inspection of your roads, land, and area to make your construction safe and well-maintained. 

Traffic Survey

Understanding traffic patterns, identifying land, and analyzing roads to make your project successful.

Building Survey

Whether renovating or starting anew, our building surveys help to make your building stronger. 

Image processing

Get help in the analysis of a variety of different images to identify potential ideas without any risk.

Want to Plan Your Construction With Confidence?

We offer a complete survey solution for buildings, large apartments, highways, infrastructure, and water supply. Trust us to make your planning successful.