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We Make Renovations Easy and Exceptional

Transform your existing space into a new one easily with our effective renovation services.

Welcome to Vijay Infra, where our team specializes in proficient, reliable repair, renovation, and restoration services for residential and commercial spaces.

Our renovation process begins with a comprehensive assessment of our esteemed clients’ needs and priorities. At Vijay Infra, we understand the importance of a well-thought-out plan. Our demolition stage involves the removal of unnecessary elements and setting the stage for the restoration

We take immense pride in our ability to transform your existing living space into a new one. You can trust Vijay Infra for your home renovation needs that ensure a top-notch service.


Our Renovation Service comes with Expertise

Transform your space with our Renovation Service! We are experts at making things better. From changing rooms to adding new touches, we bring your ideas to life with care and skill..


Old Home Renovation

Proficiency in renovating older homes. Our expertise offers tasks such as room resizing, tile work, and strategic changes to enhance your room.



We make sure your renovation project goes smoothly and stays within your budget. From changing the inside of your home to fixing up outdoor spaces, we handle it all.


Excellence Expertise

Our expertise extends beyond the house to outdoor spaces like gardens and yards. We also know how to improve garages as part of your home maintenance and overall upgrades.

We Ensure Top-Notch Renovation Service With

Expertise Architectural Design

Our customer-centric approach and decades of expertise ensure reliable Renovation service as per their need.

We Make Renovation Easy:
Here's Why You Choose

VijayInfra is here to take care of everything from the beginning to the end and ensure your ideas become reality without any stress.

Decades of Expertise
End-to-end Solution
Attention to Detail

Other Important Services We Offer

Find our other variety of services designed just for you to make your construction process efficient. We create amazing designs, build strong structures, and manage projects from start to finish. 


Our architects create spaces that look great and work well. Whether it’s a home or a large building, we can design everything as per your needs and our expertise.


Our structural experts make sure buildings and bridges are strong and lasting. Using smart techniques, we create foundations that are safe, durable, and long-lasting.


We take your ideas and make them real. Our expert teams finish construction projects on time, within the budget, and better than you imagined.

Maintenance & Repair

Our dedicated team ensures the longevity of your structures through meticulous maintenance and prompt repair services

Project Management & Consultant

We help you navigate the details of your project. Our experts take care of everything from planning to getting it done. Consider us your trusted guide.


Looking For Exclusive Engineering Service?
Whether you want support to start your construction or improve your existing one, get help from VijayInfra’s expert engineering.