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Road and Bridge Survey Services For Better Construction

We are dedicated to supporting the construction, repair, and maintenance of road and bridge survey infrastructure.

Surveying is a vital component of making a solid foundation in every aspect of roadway construction and maintenance. Vijayinfra is a trusted road and bridge survey service provider to strengthen and improve your construction. We understand that successful road and bridge projects start with thorough land surveys.

Building new road and bridge survey is a big job, and it can get complicated and costly without the right information to guide us. Our team guides project managers and engineers in developing smart construction, engineering, and grading plans. From pre-construction set-out services to final drawings and as-constructed validation, our team provides a complete report.

Road & Bridge Survey

Commitment to Deliver Top-Tier Surveying Services

Businesses can avail of our top-notch surveying service from experts who are capable of providing an in-depth construction report to make your project successful.  


Detailed Site Analysis

we use advanced tech like drones and 3D scanners to gather detailed land data. Our reports aid in approvals, construction, and engineering.


Expert Guidance

Our skilled team guides you from pre-construction to final drawings that ensure timely and successful results for your projects.



Our team has years of expertise and knowledge of the right tools and techniques for roadwork surveys to offer the right calculation. 

We are committed to Delivering the Seamless

Project to each customer.

Our skilled team gives you detailed info for roadworks and bridge projects. We're here to support you with efficient data for construction, engineering, and maintenance.

Unmatched Survey Service,
We Can Expect

At VijayInfra, we deliver precision and excellence in every survey. From crafting a detailed construction plan to guiding the complexities of the project and helping your engineering to make your project successful.

Proven Track Record

Detailed Site Analysis

Expertise in Precision

Explore Other Survey Services We Offer

VijayInfra does not only best in delivering one survey service but also offers a variety of services. We have expertise in each road and bridge survey service to successfully complete your project.

Land Survey

Get a clear survey of your land and define accurate boundaries to prevent disputes in the future. 

Land Demarcation

We analyze all the documents perfectly and mark all boundaries with accuracy for your land. 

Contour Survey

Complete your project from every angle to make it successful with the help of a contour survey map.

Estimate Work Volume

Make your construction confident and save your time with our reliable estimates of work volume. 

Drone Survey

We capture and calculate the data from drones to make the best decision before construction.   

GPS Survey

Get a survey to identify pinpoint locations precisely to make construction planning accurate.  

Traffic Survey

Understanding traffic patterns, identifying land, and analyzing roads to make your project successful.

Building Survey

Whether renovating or starting anew, our building surveys help to make your building stronger. 

Image processing

Get help in the analysis of a variety of different images to identify potential ideas without any risk.

Want to Plan Your Construction With Confidence?

We offer a complete survey solution for buildings, large apartments, highways, infrastructure, and water supply. Trust us to make your planning successful.