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Conserve Every Drop With Rainwater Harvest System

Get installation of rainwater harvesting system to converse every water drop without dirt

Contact VijayInfra Private Ltd for end-to-end installation of a rainwater harvesting system with complete support. Our company has decades of expertise in providing complete rainwater solutions at a cost-effective price. We use modern technology rainwater filters that are durable, efficient, and easy to use. The filter does not require any external energy and ensures a clear water restoration.

At VijayInfra, our engineering team has already successfully installed many rainwater harvesting systems across India. From planning to implementing rainwater harvesting systems for storage as well as groundwater recharging, we can help in everything.

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What You Can Expect From Us

Rainwater conservation is a good decision for a better environment and saving money on water. There are a few services offered by us that you can explore as per need.


Rooftop Harvesting Filters

Whether it is heavy rain or slow rain, our filter works best in every condition. These filters clean themselves automatically, and they don’t cost much. 


Operation and maintenance

Get post-sales support and maintenance from expert engineers after the installation of the harvesting system. Ensure the conservation of each drop.


Harvesting system

We offer custom-made harvesting systems for small homes to large buildings. They help with designing, planning, installation, and maintenance of the system.

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VijayInfra has decades of expertise in providing rainwater harvesting solutions. You can verify our expertise by looking at our previously completed project. With us, you can ensure

Timely Delivery of service
Timely Delivery of service
Expert engineer support

Explore Other Important Services We Do

VijayInfra is not only the best in delivering sanitation services but also offers a variety of other services. We have expertise in each design service to complete your project.

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Revolutionize urban sanitation with our sewerage system designs and planning to enhance public health and environmental sustainability in communities.

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We provide industrial environmental responsibility through our tailored wastewater treatment solutions for sustainable industrial processes.

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Tackle waste challenges head-on with our comprehensive solid waste management services for a cleaner environment.

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Ensure access to clean and safe drinking water with our expertly designed and executed water supply systems that meet your quality standards.

Get Sanitation Service From Expert?
We offer a complete sanitation solution to maintain your water supply, conserve more water, and infrastructure for wastewater. Trust us to make your planning successful.